Inex for Retail

We produce authentic dairy products, made with love and craftsmanship. Inex provides a wide range of fresh and long-life UHT products in a range of different pack types for retail clients.

Your favorite dairy products

Private label & co-packing

We have been experts in development processes and packaging ‘own brand’ products, as well as in contract packing for many years. We provide a fully finished product according to your needs.

  • Authentic taste

    Our recipes are a well-kept family secret. We make our dairy products with a great deal of love and you can tell by the authentic taste. That's how trusted quality tastes!

  • 100%

    Inex is a Belgian family business. Our products are also very Belgian. We produce our dairy with raw materials from our own soil, which are made on farms in the region.

  • Meadow milk from Belgian soil

    Our dairy products are made with home-grown milk from the meadows. This milk comes from cows that graze for more than 120 days a year for at least 6 hours a day.

  • Authentic
  • Belgian
  • Meadow Milk