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Are you looking for a partner for the development, production and/or packaging of your own dairy products? Then you should call upon dairy expert Inex.

Inex & private label: together we are stronger

We have been developing, producing and packaging ‘own brand’ or private label products for European retailers and food multinationals for many years.

You will realise a high quality finished dairy product that ticks all your boxes. If you are only looking for product packaging, you can also contact us for contract manufacturing.

Our experienced and enthusiastic team produces and packs both fresh and long-life products, such as liquid dairy products, yoghurts and desserts. And in all kinds of packaging and sizes.

Dairy expert with quality label

We make private label products according to the highest quality standards. Inex holds the following international certificates:

  • International Food Standard (IFS certificate), an international standard for food safety
  • British Retail Consortium (BRC certificate), hygiene and food safety requirements for food processing companies that supply directly to the retail sector

Our certifications

Inex halal logo

Dairy partner of the Belgian Colruyt Group

Together with our retail partners, we like to work on innovative products and tailor-made projects.

This is the basis on which Inex, together with our dairy farmers, entered into a unique long-term collaboration with the Belgian Colruyt Group. We make Boni dairy products for a stable and transparent market price, packaged in innovative PET packaging.  

More than classic dairy

Whatever quality dairy you wish to add to your range, you can count on our knowledge and experience. Together we’ll bring your dairy dream to life.

In addition to traditional dairy, Inex also produces growth milk, organic dairy, dairy without lactose, fruit juices and vegetable-based alternatives to dairy.

Besides dairy, we also pack other liquid products, completely according to your wishes.


Developing new and impactful dairy products

Changing consumer behaviour and preferences inspire us to continue developing new dairy products that surprise our customers.
These have been the most impactful dairy trends:


Consumers continue drinking/snacking on dairy products since their nutritional profile (protein, calcium-rich, low sugar) promote good health. However they still need to be delicious in taste. Indulgent profiles such as chocolate tend to be one of the go-to flavours.

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Lactose free

An important part of the world population is lactose intolerant. That is why the demand for lactose-free milk has increased sharply. Inex also produces lactose-free dairy in different packaging options.

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Sugar reduction

With diseases like obesity and type 2 diabetes on the rise, healthier eating is an on-mind topic of consumers and public health authorities the world over. As a result we develop dairy products with reduced sugar without compromising on taste and texture.

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Clean Label without compromise

There is a clear trend towards ‘natural’ food. Additives (E numbers) in particular have a negative connotation,  although not always correct, and as such there is a growing demand for products that contain fewer, or no, E numbers. At Inex, we are fully committed to this trend by offering products that minimise the number of stabilisers.

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Organic milk has been gaining popularity among consumers. Organic dairy comes from livestock raised according to strict organic farming guidelines regulated by food authorities. Inex also offers organic dairy products.

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Plant based

Among the notable shifts in purchasing behaviour is the increasing demand for plant-based dairy alternatives. This trend motivated us to branch out! Soya, almond, oat, rice, … are dairy-free solutions Inex can offer.

Green packaging

Not only is packaging important for the freshness and safety of our dairy products, it also ensures a longer shelf life. By that we focus on lowering the food waste. Inex is committed to innovate in sustainable packaging. For example, we use biobased tetra and PE packaging.

Let’s work together

Interested in an international cooperation with the dairy expert par excellence?

Who are we and what do we do?

Inex is a dynamic dairy company where employees work every day with huge passion for what they do. Our mission: to add value to the best that nature has to offer.

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