Our vision:
who are we & what do we do?

Inex is a dynamic family business with a heart for the planet. We work with the best nature has to offer every day, and make it even better. Because we use our knowledge and skills to make dairy even better.

Our mission:
Where do we want to go?

We want to innovate and grow in a sustainable way, with respect for nature, people and animals. We do this by offering delicious and healthy dairy products of the highest quality. Good for our stakeholders – customers, employees and suppliers.

Values we cherish:
how do we do it?

To fulfil our mission in the best possible way, we focus on 5 values: respect, action, our customer, ownership and team spirit. These are the common threads in our daily operations.

HR assistent


We are all equal and everyone deserves to be heard. I always try to listen very carefully and smile at colleagues.  (Valerie Geldhof, HR Officer)


Searching for solutions and taking the lead is an important task as a supervisor. Taking the bull by the horns, that’s what it’s all about!” (Davy Van Impe, Supervisor Warehouse)

inex actiegericht
inex klantgericht


Customer focus is not an exclusive activity of the sales team. Each department does its bit. Customer focus is a top priority at Inex, and that’s what makes it so great to work here” (Karel Piron, Sales manager)


It’s important for me to be proud of the company I work for. It provides a lot of positive energy.” (Filiep Lapauw, Operational Director)

inex eigenaarschap
inex teamgeest

Team spirit

I’m so well attuned to certain colleagues that we often don’t need words to know what needs to be done by whom” (Veerle De Coninck, Operator)


Innovation is second nature to us

Innovation is important. We are constantly optimising our products and working methods. By innovating, we can offer you the tastiest and healthiest dairy products in the most efficient and sustainable way.

And you can tell. Our family business continuously brings new dairy products to the market that effectively meet the wishes of our customers.  In order to respond to this as much as possible, it is important to work closely with our partner. Together, we develop new products or improve existing ones.

Research & Development:
the beating heart of innovation

Every employee on our dairy site works and thinks innovatively. But it is our Research & Development (R&D) department that has the key role in this. Our R&D colleagues are proactive, focus on today’s trends and conduct long-term research.

How does our R&D team develop new dairy products? By talking to customers and suppliers about their experiences and testing their products as much as possible. We make dairy products that meet the needs of our local and global market. In the meantime, we continue to critically examine and fine-tune all production techniques.

Thanks to our R&D team, everyone can enjoy the best Belgian nature has to offer. Through surprising and innovative dairy products.


With a passion for people, animals and the planet

At Inex, we make delicious, Belgian dairy products in a responsible way. We make our products with the greatest respect for people, animals and the planet. The next generation is not only entitled to the most healthy dairy, but also to a healthy planet.

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