Inex 40% Cream Achieves Superior Taste Award for Sixth Time in a Row


Our Inex 40% whipped cream is also proving to be a ‘chef’s favourite’ worldwide. Our premium quality cream has been awarded the Superior Taste Award for the sixth time in a row by a jury of renowned national and international chefs!

Inex Superior Taste Award

The International Taste Institute is an independent organisation of chefs and sommeliers who review, award and promote food and drink from around the world for their superior taste. These chefs apply their gastronomic experience in evaluating the flavour quality for consumers by means of a blind taste test.

Inex 40% whipped cream has again won 3 stars, making it an exceptional product, scoring highly in terms of taste. This is judged based on a number of pillars, including first impression, appearance, smell, taste and texture.

Outstanding Flavour
Inex is delighted to have received this unique international recognition by renowned chefs both from home and abroad. The premium quality cream’s taste comes from using Belgian meadow milk. We start with a product that has been produced with due respect for animals and nature. Meadow milk comes from cows that are allowed to graze in the meadow for at least six hours a day, out of at least 120 days a year. This translates into a delicious Belgian dairy product.

Every Chef’s Favourite
In addition to taste, chefs are placing increasing importance on a product’s origin. For example, our whipped cream, with its 40% fat content, has been the favourite of top chef Lode De Roover, two-time winner of the Bocuse d’Or Belgium from his restaurant Fleur de Lin, for many years. ‘A great dish starts with tasty and high-quality ingredients. The fact that Inex’s cream is also 100% Belgian is an added bonus for me as a chef’.


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