Innovation in recipes and packaging

Whatever dairy ingredients you need for your industrial food products, we can supply it. As a flexible dairy partner, we can work alongside you when it comes to taste, quality and functionality. And we are always up to date with the latest innovations and trends in dairy. Together with you, we can develop tailor-made solutions for both recipes and packaging.

Carrageenan-free cream

There is a clear and growing demand for products with fewer or no E-numbers. At Inex we are fully committed to this dairy trend and offer cream products with a minimum number of stabilisers. We have developed, for example, a cleaner label of carrageenan-free cream products that meet this demand.

Lactose-free dairy

An significant percentage of the world’s population is lactose intolerant. Although this mainly occurs in Asia and Africa, the demand for lactose-free milk has also strongly increased in Europe.

Inex is the right place for lactose-free milk. This product is available in different packaging, from 1 litre consumer packs to 1000 litre packs for industrial customers.

Organic milk

Consumers look for products that are manufactured with respect for the environment. This is increasing the demand for organic products.

At Inex we offer organic milk for consumers, professional bulk consumers and producers in the food industry.

Cream tailored to your product

There’s not one, single type of cream. At Inex, we realise that food producers expect a specific quality, depending on their end product and production process.

You can choose from a wide range of cream products that we have developed at the request of our customers. With an eye for innovation and trends in dairy. Culinary cream with optimal binding and thickening, for example, or whipped cream with specific whipping properties… There is something for everyone! If the cream you are looking for does not exist, we will develop the perfect cream product for your needs.

Our dedicated team is waiting for you

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Our certificates

Quality is always a priority for us. Among other things, Inex has received these certificates:

  • IFS Food
  • Auto Control System
  • EU Biolabel
  • Halal Certification Europe
  • Meadow milk
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